Online Vet Tech Schools – Prepare Yourself with a Distance Education

Are you a person excited about working with and helping in taking care of animals? Well, apart from the regular degree programs, there also exist schools offering online programs. Various Schools offer online veterinary expert courses to students.

The studies are available at whatever level of education you may want. There are programs for degrees in certificate levels, bachelors, associate, masters, and doctoral programs.

The schools which offer the education are very credible. The credibility is due to accreditation of the schools by the various appropriate bodies recognized by the department of education.

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Some of the Schools that offer veterinary technician courses online include:

1) Penn Foster College

Penn foster college is among the most significant and affordable schools. The vet courses have official approval from the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).
The college has deep ties with various large veterinary hospitals. The links help in providing the online students with necessary skills, experience, and work prospects during their course.

The college has various interactive programs to engage the students and improve their skills adequately. The activities include the e- modules and the award-winning “vet tech terminology mobile memory game.”

With over 160 students graduating from the program in 2016, Pen Foster is one of the most successful colleges in the country.

2) Cedar Valley College

Located in Dallas County, the college offers degree courses in vet via online. The school provides the convenience of studying at your own time.

The institute has approval from the American Vet Medical Association (AVMA). Since the late 1970s, the college has had partnerships with several links such as American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). The online vet degree program in the faculty started in 1998 until present.

The college offers the vet technology degree which combines the use of technology apart from the vet tech general studies.

3) Colby Community College

The school offers students the option of distance learning in vet technology. The students are not required to attend the institute unless need be. The school has various mentorship activities to help the students expand their knowledge.

The mentorship includes the lab exotic pet/animal and microbiology mentorship. The conduction of mentorship activities occurs via the video camcorder and tripod to the online students. The school also provides the students with openings for receiving practical skills.

The students gain the skills by working at the vet hospitals as required by the American Veterinary Medical Association. The school has accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission.

4) Ashworth College

Ashworth College recognizes the pet care industry as the fastest growing fields. Thus the college offers both on campus and online degree programs. The college pairs both the clinical experience with the knowledge to equip the students for the vet job ahead.

The degrees are very affordable for all the online students. The school has accreditation from the American Vet Medical Association (AVMA).

The institution emphasizes the need to equip all the students with practical skills. Therefore, the school provides the online students with 270 hours of clinical experience. There is an even dispersal of the hours in every semester for each student.

5) Purdue University

The Purdue offers courses in the vet industry that have approval from the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). Some of the skills you get from the faculty include radiology, anesthesia, client education, technology, and nursing care.

The institution provides students with various means of paying their tuition fee which is very affordable. There are financial aid options for the students who are unable to pay their tuition fees.

The connections and partnerships maintained by the college assist the students to obtain jobs soon after they finish their courses.

6) St. Petersburg College

The institution is a world-class vet technology center which offers the best quality curriculum. The school contains an $11 million technology facility for veterinary degrees.
With the possession of best-equipped classrooms, x-ray suites, labs, kennels, and offices the students get to obtain the best education. The online students receive the quality education in courses credited by the American veterinary medical association.

The school also received approval from the American animal hospital association. The certification signifies that the college offers a very high level of medical care education within the veterinary industry.

7) Northern Virginia Community College

The college offers vet tech courses online to students who due to various reasons cannot manage on-campus study. The online students get to learn through the online platform. The students, therefore, obtain notes and textbooks from the internet.

There are online class debates, formal exams for the students acquiring degrees online. The college also has assessment methods that help in assessing online students to ensure they are well equipped.


It is crucial to obtain your online degree program in the vet field in Schools credited by the relevant systems. The Schools mentioned above offer the best options to fit your schedule and career desires.

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