Vet Tech Jobs – High Paying Wages – Start Today!

Choosing a job or career is not always the easiest thing to do when there are so many choices around. With a majority of the world featuring animals, one career that can be not only be rewarding but have a positive impact is a veterinary technician. The career of a vet tech can vary from one day to another, as each veterinary clinic tech can specialize in different animals and species. This career is perfect for the animal lover and can offer a great quality of life. With a job as a vet tech not only can an individual work with animals at a veterinary clinic; their careers can move outward to different research laboratories and zoos.

What Does a Veterinary Technician Do?

Once you’ve decided you want to be a vet tech, there are a few things to look into before launching the career. In order to be nurturing and practice, it’s important to know exactly what the job will entail and how to get there. A vet technician is not only ensuring that an animal will be taken care of, but the owners’ needs and concerns are often a priority.

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Vet technicians have tasks that vary from day to day. These tasks can be anything from observing animal patients for behavior changes, nursing animals with first aid, or even a simple thing such as administrative tasks.

Other vet tech tasks might include

  • Medical treatments such as shots, and medications
  • Knowledge of IDEXX Lasercyte and autoclave
  • Prepare samples for outside laboratory analysis
  • Perform dental cleanings and other grooming detail
  • Monitor patients under anesthesia
  • Take X-Rays

The Necessary Skills

While most jobs involve a lot of professional skills, they require interpersonal skills as well. These skills should include communication, professionalism, as well as many others. While every Veterinary Technician job is different, some job postings may require that a person knows how to perform dental exams and/or cleaning. Others might require that individuals know how to restrain animals during procedures without hurting them.

During the job search, it is important to remember that every facility may have different requirements. Reaching out and learning more about special certificates and requirements, may benefit you before choosing the right jobs to apply for.

How Much Schooling is Required?

The amount of school needed can vary depending on the level of certification and licensing an individual would like. Veterinary technicians are a very important factor in veterinary practices. In most cases, an associates degree is required to have as a higher education requirement in veterinary jobs. The majority of vet tech jobs enter the field with this degree, but some may move forward to a bachelor’s degree or into more advanced medicinal practice.

Veterinary Technician Certifications

Each state has their own veterinary technician regulations and testing. Many states use the same testing, the VTNE (Veterinary Technician National Exam. This test is used to help get a vet tech job and get licensed, registered to practice or simply be certified.

The VTNE is a test prepared by the AAVSB (American Association of Veterinary State Boards). This exam includes a wide variety subject matter which should be known by a vet tech.

  • Animal Dentistry
  • Surgical Prep
  • Anesthesia
  • Radiology procedures

Practice vet tech exams are available to students to use to prepare for the final exam.

After taking the exam, the next step to getting the perfect vet tech jobs is finding an internship or volunteer program. Much like any career involving medical knowledge, it is important to have hands-on experience. This might feel like a hard thing to find, but some programs offer an internship with partnered veterinary clinics. Contact your veterinary school choice to find out if they do.

Can Vet Techs branch out?

Yes, they can! Vet tech jobs aren’t limited to the veterinary office. If you find yourself needing a more prominent routine, consider another form of specialty. Some other branches of vet tech jobs to look into are:

  • Emergency Medicine
  • Exotics
  • Veterinary internal medicine
  • Clinic Supervision
  • Avian Medicine
  • large or small animals

Veterinary Technicians vs. Veterinary Assistants

There is a difference between veterinary tech jobs and veterinary assistants. While both do work in hospitals and clinics, these two vet tech jobs differ from one another greatly. Veterinary assistants only need to have completed high school training requirements, whereas the vet tech jobs require that technicians complete the two-year degree program with a state license.

No matter which route you wind up taking, it is important to remember to look into every aspect of these vet tech jobs because one might be better for you than the other. Working with counselors and other students can also offer a great benefit to pursuing your new career.