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Many of us share our lives with companion animals. However, undesired behaviours are a huge problem, with many animals relinquished to shelters, euthanized or abandoned each year because they become too difficult to live with.  There is an expanding body of research and clinical expertise which can help to explain why our pets behave as they do and validate methods of both preventing and treating problem behaviours. However, some of the key messages can take a long time to filter down to those who deal directly with animals on day-to-day basis.

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The aim of this web-site is to provide some evidence based information about the behaviour and welfare of companion animal species. I hope that these articles have practical use whether you are a pet owner, behaviourist or veterinary surgeon. Any opinions are my own.

This new website currently covers information about noise fears in dogs, and separation related behaviour problems in dogs, but I'll be adding more information and covering many other topics over time.

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