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My name is Dr Rachel Casey. I'm a veterinary surgeon, animal behaviourist and welfare scientist working at the University of Bristol veterinary school in the UK.  I have a PhD in animal behaviour and lead a research group investigating aspects of companion animal behaviour and welfare. I am also a clinician, helping owners with animals that show behaviour problems. My clinical qualifications include being a European and Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) Recognized Specialist in Veterinary Behavioural Medicine.

I lecture internationally about the behaviour of dogs, cats and horses to a range of audiences, and am a regular contributor to various media, most recently on BBC 2’s "The Wonder of Dogs" and Channel 4's "Dogs: Their Secret Lives".  I am actively engaged in promoting high welfare standards for companion animals through a number of UK veterinary and animal welfare organizations, for example the British Small Animal Veterinary Association Scientific Committee, the Advisory Council on the Welfare Issues of Dog Breeding (aka Dog Advisory Council), and the Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC.)

You can follow me on twitter at @DrRachelCasey and I have a WordPress blog at http://behaviourvet.wordpress.com.



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